Strand Marine & Autosystems Ltd, exclusive agents for Nuova Jolly Rhibs in Malta, hosted a Nuova Jolly Marine Raduno on Saturday for their clients.

The Raduno welcomed Nuova Jolly Rhibs owners to a unique gathering, which kicked off at Marina di Valletta with a light breakfast and short briefing for the day by Strand Marine Managing Director, Matthew Travers Tauss.

This intimate event aimed to foster a sense of community among Nuova Jolly Rhib owners providing a relaxed environment for them to connect with each other and the Strand Marine team.

Present for the event was Teo Aiello, Director of Nuova Jolly. Based in the outskirts of Milan and with 50 years of experience to its name, Nuova Jolly Marine has become one of the leading brands in Europe for its high end inflatable boats and has long enjoyed a fruitful relationship Strand Marine. Mr. Aiello’s attendance underscored the strong bond between the two companies and his presence offered rhib owners a rare opportunity to engage with one of the leading figures in the industry.

Despite its small scale, the NJ Raduno was a resounding success, serving as a preview for a much larger event planned for next year, where Strand Marine will be looking forward to expanding this gathering to bring owners together to celebrate their shared passion.

“We are thrilled with the turnout and the enthusiasm shown by the NJ community,” said Matthew Travers Tauss, Managing Director, Strand Marine & AutoSystems Ltd.. “This event was just the beginning, and we are looking forward the NJ Raduno being an annual calendar event.”

More information on Nuova Jolly Marine can be found on the Strand Marine & AutoSystems website –